This contract regulates the relations between online store and customers.
Online Store reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions.
Address the current version of the Terms and Conditions:

1. Privacy Policy

1.1. Customer consents to the transfer, processing and storage of their data exclusively for the provision of services under this offer.
1.2. Online Store will not disclose any personal information of the Customer and not to provide access to this information to third parties, except as required by Russian law.
1.3. Online Store has the right to send information on the development of an Online Store to the Customer.

2. The status of Online Store

2.1. Online shop designed for the sale of goods in the catalog, through the Internet.
2.2. After acceptance of the offer by issuing an order in the online store by yourself, the Customer receives the ownership of the goods under the terms of the Purchase Contract.
2.3. Information published in the online store is publicly available, unless otherwise provided in this Agreement.
2.4. Shop Online is not responsible for the content and accuracy of the information provided by the Customer when ordering.
2.5. Internet shop is completely exempt from liability for the inability to use the Service or the poor quality of the service.

3. The status of the Customer

3.1. The Customer is the person who issued the order in the online store on the terms of the Purchase Contract (public offer online store).
3.2. The customer is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided during the ordering process.
3.3. If the customer has ordered and/or paid for goods by yourself, the Customer agrees to the terms of the Purchase Contract (public offer online store) and the date of the order/payment of the goods is the date of the Purchase Contract between the online store and the Customer.

4. The Subject of the Contract

4.1. Seller undertakes to transfer goods to the Customer, and the Customer agrees to accept the goods and pay for goods on the terms of this Contract.
4.2. This Agreement governs the purchase and sale in the shop including:
4.2.1. choosing goods from the Catalog;
4.2.2. ordering chosen goods;
4.2.3. the payment of goods ordered in Online Store;
4.2.4. transfer of ownership of the goods to the Customer in terms of the Contract

5. Ordering

5.1. The Customer places an order in the online store yourself.
5.2. The Customer is advised that goods performance and appearance may differ from those described on the site.
5.3. After completion of the order, the order is assigned an identification number.
5.4. To confirm receipt of the order information letter sent to the email address of the Customer.

6. The cost of the order and payment procedure

6.1. The price of goods is established by the Seller in US dollars and is available at
6.2. The Customers obligation to pay for the order are considered fulfilled upon receipt of electronic money to the Seller.
6.3. Seller has the right to unilaterally change the price of the product. Information about the price change shall be published on the site at least 1 day prior to the intended price changes.
Seller has the right to unilaterally suspend services in the event of debt.

7. Delivery Policy

7.1. After receiving an order from the Customer, the Seller performs its processing within 3 days, subject to timely payment for goods.
7.2. Seller is not responsible for delivery time, and if the goods are not delivered because of the Customer (Customer's address is incorrect, the Customer is not at the specified address, etc.).

8. The procedure for returning the goods

8.1. Return unused funds of the Buyer is carried out in case of force majeure.
8.2. Refunds made by bank transfer of funds to the account of the Purchaser at any bank resident in the Russian Federation. The seller will take all actions necessary to implement the refund, not later than fifteen (15) working days from the date of Buyer's written request with full details of the recipient. Funds that buyers took advantage of a moment of conclusion of the agreement will not be returned.

9. Liability of the Parties

9.1. In the case of documented force majeure, parties are released from the execution of this contract.
9.2. Seller disclaims any liability for any consequences of the use of the goods purchased in the online store.
9.3. The Parties shall make every effort to eliminate the differences are only through negotiations. Otherwise, the parties appeal to the court.

10. Duration of the contract

10.1. This Agreement shall come into force from the date of order and is valid until the date when all conditions of the agreement are met.

11. Bank details of the Online store

Company: Individual Entrepreneur Mikhail Kruglov
Address: 690000, Russia, Primorsky region, Artem, Zarechnaja street, 9/3-18
VAT identification number: 250265950728 KPP 272102001
Settlement account: 40802810920020000460
Correspondent account: 30101810800000000770 in GRKC GU Bank of Russia in Khabarovsk
Bank Identification Code: 040813770
Phone: +79024817241